Christian Jewelry

St Thomas Large Gold Luther Rose Pendant

$ 1,600.00

 This stunning piece was originally designed in South Africa, and one of the very first pieces we carried. Now it is made in New York City by our very own St. Thomas in 14k gold. The price of gold varies daily, and our focus at Ad Crucem is not on the gold price. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or change the order if the gold price has increased greatly. If the gold price has dropped since our first quote, we might be in a position to reduce the price too.  Once ordered, we will contact Thomas for a quote to create the piece.  

The leaves of the Luther Rose hold it in place in its ring of gold. It is a beautiful, heavy piece, and truly one with which you can put what you believe on display! The Luther Rose has a matte finish. 

The chain is NOT included: the pendant does not come with a chain.  


1" in diameter