About Us

Ad Crucem (Latin for "to the Cross") grew out of our frustration with the tacky Christian gifts market that doesn't look a whole lot different from the local party or dollar store. Since we could not find gifts that were appropriate for Christians who seek to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified, we set out to create and source our own products.

One of the blessings is being able to support local artists, designers and printers through our commissioned projects. We welcome contact from artists. We are looking for accomplished sculptors and illustrators. If you have something you believe would be a good fit for Ad Crucem contact us via info AT ad crucem DOT com

We would love to hear from you about what else you would like to see in catalog.


We are thankful for the support and assistance of many friends and colleagues who expressed an interest in Ad Crucem from the beginning. Thank you also to Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller for his encouragement and participation in our first project which he has generously endorsed.

Praise for Ad Crucem...

Far beyond the slosh and sentimentality found in most Christian cards, Ad Crucem has developed a collection of beautiful and reverent cards and gifts that deliver the true comfort of the Gospel, Christ crucified for sinners. These cards combine Scripture and Art to teach, confess, and enlighten. I am most impressed at the lengths Ad Crucem has gone to ensure the teaching of their cards reflects the truth of the Scriptures, rightly dividing Law and Gospel. How wonderful that the Lord’s people have cards and gifts that they can send without worry and give with confidence. The combination of beauty and truth, art and Scripture make these Ad Crucem cards a true gift to the church and our families. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend and commend to you these cards. 

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller,
Table Talk Radio


"The perfect marriage of visual art and Scripture text. The art spans the ages from medieval to modern, each image is a servant of the text, never its master. The craftsmanship of the printing is excellent. Each card is individually wrapped and comes with its own bookmark and gift tag. Far and away the best Christian themed cards I have seen."

Pastor William Cwirla
The God Whisperers


"If you haven’t discovered Ad Crucem yet, then take some time to peruse this wonderful website resource.... Ad Crucem rocks"

Pastor Chris Rosebrough
Pirate Christian Radio


Some Christian artists, of the confessional Lutheran variety, tired of schlocky and doctrinally vapid Christian cards and gifts, have put together a website that offers an alternative: Ad Crucem ☩ Christian Art & Design with Discernment ☩ To The Cross with Art & Word!...

Here you can find everything from liturgical arts to Christmas and other greeting cards, also jewelry and certificates and paintings and all kinds of other things.
They carry the work of Kelly Klages, Edward Riojas, Kelly Schumacher, Jonathan Mayer, and are looking for more.


Gene Veith
Cranach: The blog of Veith


 When you go to the store, most cards available for purchase are sappy, tacky, or just strange, and they almost never reflect orthodox Biblical theology. Not so with Ad Crucem. Ad Crucem’s cards are beautiful, reflecting great art and Bible verses. They are on high-quality cardstock and feel great. And they have the best Biblical themes: Baptism, Communion, Ordination, Confirmation, and Christian love. You won’t find another card out there that is better than what you can get at Ad Crucem. Bringing together the talents of many artists, all products at Ad Crucem are amazing. The company meets a great need and I’m glad they’re there for me.

Always, In Christ,
Pastor Lewis Polzin
Boars in the Vineyard