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"The Resurrection of Christ", 1557, by Cranach, Lucas the Younger

$ 35.00

  • Material: Printed on a choice of premium matte paper or museum-quality canvas. Framing is not included.
  • Size: Full canvas is 21.25 inches wide x 19.125 inches with generous matting to maximize framing options. Image size options are
    • small 11.5"x10.4" or
    • large 20 inches x 18 inches
  • Custom sizes are available. Contact Ad Crucem with your project needs.
    • For example, this print can be scaled to 51 inches tall x 108 inches wide.
  • Color: Please note that color reproduction can never be "perfect". The original work has been restored, and Ad Crucem relies on a high-resolution photograph of that restored image for this print. The colors shown on your screen will not be the same as the final print. Likewise, this print will be a little brighter and richer than the original because of the nature of the inks we use. The contrast is also higher, which improves fine detail.

"The Resurrection of Christ", 1557. This version includes the donor portrait of the Mayor of Leipzig , Leonhard Badehorn, his first wife Anna (née Roth), his second wife Veronika (née Drembach) and their children. Also known as: Auferstehung Christi.

Lucas Cranach the Younger was a painter and designer of woodcuts to illustrate and decorate literature. He was born in Wittenberg on 4 October 1515 and died on 23 January 1586. Trained with his father, Lucas Cranach the Elder (q.v.), whose workshop he took over and whose mark, the winged serpent, he adopted. He was mayor of Wittenberg in 1565. His early paintings are difficult to distinguish from those of his father, whose polished style he perpetuated, and those of his elder brother, Hans Cranach (c. 1513-37). Source: British Museum.