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"The Crucifixion of Christ" by Jacopo Tintoretto, 1565

$ 20.00

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  • Size: Available in Small (11"x5")or Large sizes (22"x10"). 
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  • Color: Please note that color reproduction can never be "perfect". The original work has been restored, and Ad Crucem relies on a high-resolution photograph of that restored image for this print. The colors shown on your screen will not be the same as the final print. Likewise, this print will be a little brighter and richer than the original because of the nature of the inks we use. The contrast is also higher, which improves fine detail.

This painting is titled The Crucifixion of Christ (Crocifissione) and was painted by Jacopo Tintoretto in 1565 during the Renaissance era. The Crucifixion is in the Sala dell’Albergo, part of La Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, Italy. The painting takes up an entire wall.

The Crucifixion embodies several critical characteristics of Tintoretto's art. The teeming canvas, full of incident, also recalls several of Veronese's monumental works - indeed, the sheer scale of the canvases sometimes used by these artists required a wealth of detail to fill the large area. The canvas of the Crucifixion took up an entire wall, and to help him create his intricate series of poses and compositions, Tintoretto made use of numerous small wax models, which he moved around and illuminated from different angles. Source: WikiArt