Tanya Nevin Soli Deo Gloria Painting

$ 153.00

This is the second in Tanya Nevin's Solas Series - Soli Deo Gloria - To the Glory of God alone. This is painted with acrylic on wood. Item as show is an 8" X 8" painting, it is available in 10" X 10" or as a print. 

Soli Deo gloria is a Latin term for Glory to God alone. It has been used by artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel and Christoph Graupner to signify that the work was produced for the sake of praising God. The phrase has become one of the five solas propounded to summarise the Reformers' basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation.

As a doctrine, it means that everything that is done is for God's glory to the exclusion of mankind's self-glorification and pride. Christians are to be motivated and inspired by God's glory and not their own.

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