Scapegoat Studio Family Altar Board

$ 10.00

This item will be emailed to you as a pdf upon purchase.
The Family Altar Board, as first conceived by Marie MacPherson, is designed to facilitate catechesis and prayer life especially in the home (but may also be used in Lutheran elementary schools). For inspiration in making your own, see Marie’s post on The Hausvater Project.
As explained by her husband Ryan MacPherson at The Hausvater Project, "Our Lutheran fathers called their family devotion space and time ‘the family altar.’” He continues, “Your dining room table becomes your family altar when you sanctify that space with the Word of God and prayer. Your living room couch becomes your family altar when you open up the Bible and read it to your children. You children’s beds become the family altar when you teach them to kneel beside them to pray.”
Once purchased, we will email you the PDF. This 18 x 24” poster can be printed and framed under glass or laminated in order to use with dry erase marker.

Note: The liturgical calendar is a generic one, simplified for the sake of design, and may not accurately reflect how the seasons and festivals fall each year. Each increment on the wheel represents one week.