Pr. Scott Bryte Martin Luther 1517

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Martin Luther, 1517.

The most familiar images of Martin Luther show him as he appeared later in his life, a portly and aging man with the commanding presence of an intellectual and spiritual giant.  That is not at all, however, how he looked in 1517.

In 1517, when Luther posted and the 95 Theses, he was a leader of the German Augustinian Blackfriars on the eve of his 34th birthday, and a rising star in academic circles.  Martin Luther continued to wear the habit and tonsure of the Augustinians until shortly before his marriage to Katharina von Bora in June of 1525.

This portrait depicts Luther at the beginning of the Reformation and is based on an anonymous wood cut from the early 1520s, and on the wedding portrait by Lucas Cranach, 1525.