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Jennifer's Cherry Quartz Prayer Bracelet

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This Cherry Quartz bracelet features a helpful pattern to aid in structured prayer, and meditation on the catechism. Begin with the cross and meditate on the crucifixion of Christ and pray the Trinitarian invocation.

Next with the pink bead pray "O Lord, Open my lips and my mouth shall declare Your praise...". Take a moment to think about your blessings. Next with the large faceted faux pearl pray "Glory be to the Father...". Allow the span of 10 cherry quartz beads to aid your recall of the 10 commandments. Consider how you have broken God's law.

With the large faceted faux pearl, recite one of the 3 ecumenical creeds or sing Luther's Hymn "These are the Holy Ten Commands". Along the next span of 7 beads, pray the seven petitions of the Lord's Prayer.

For the next 3 large faceted faux pearls Confess your sins, Meditate on your Baptism, and Meditate on the Lord's Supper. You may assign additional prayers to the chain links, or on the dangling beads as you exit the circle. 

Measures 7", fitting up to 8" with the chain links.   

This item comes in a presentation box.  One of a kind.