Personalized Baptism Remembrance Keepsake

$ 8.00

Note: Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, this item is customized upon order

An Ad Crucem original, made right here on our premises! A beautiful keepsake by which to remember your baptism. Available maple hardwood in three print grades ranging from standard definition, to high definition, to mint grade. Mint grade engravings take 100 minutes per ornament, per side for a truly remarkable finish.

Suggestions for use:

  1. Make one for each family member and hang them on your Christmas tree;
  2. Keep it on a shelf as a memento.
  3. Make extra copies for sponsors.
  4. A lovely congregational gift - display a "trophy wall" of all your church's baptized members, or hang them all on the church Christmas tree. 


  1. Select the print definition and single or double-sided.
  2. Provide us with the following information in a note at checkout, so that we may personalize the order for you:

* Baptism Name and / or Baptized Indvidual's Given Name
* Date of Baptism

For the Double Sided Printing Option (pulldown menu above): Please provide the following information at the back of the ornament:
* Name of Pastor
* Name of Church, City, and State
* Name of Sponsors

 Size is approximately 3" (each one varies slightly).