Kelly's Wood Psalter Prayer Beads

$ 80.00

Note: ships from Canada, allow extra 2 - 4 weeks to clear customs.
These are extra-long prayer beads designed for a dedicated time of reading/praying through the Psalms. Using prayer beads for the recitation of the psalter is a practice that goes back to the ancient church. The beads are divided into 15 groups of 10 for a total of 150 beads. There are extra beads in between which are recommended for prayers such as “Glory be to the Father”– a reminder of the Trinitarian and Christ-centered reality of the Book of Psalms. Another creative way that this extensive set of beads may be used is to say a brief prayer for each member of your congregation. The prayer beads measure 50" when stretched from end to end at the half-loop. These beads and the 1 3/4" crucifix are both in a light wood. Choose from a Trinity-themed centers or double-sided Jerusalem cross center. These are packed in a special cloth bag for storage.