Joshua Rothe - Stitched Crosses Crusade

$ 14.50

Written by: Joshua Rothe
Cover Art by: Paul Cox (front), Kasandra Radke (back)
226 pages, 5 x 8 trade paperback


 Markus is an English lord and Templar fearing God and hiding from his past. The Hospitaller, Sir Charle, and the woman of Markus’s heart, Lady Mairín, desire to end his ruinous descent into despair. A letter from a slain brother-knight is perceived as the calling for Markus to return to the Land of Christ, and his failures. There he expects to discover whether God will set his conscience free from the weight of his burdens and restore him, or if he must offer his life to attain his absolution…

Stitched Crosses: Crusade is a tale of faith in doubt and turmoil. Set in the waning days of the 12th century, Christendom has embarked to rescue Outremer from Saladin’s Muslim armies. These historical events, combined with exciting medieval action, popular romantic legend, and the sense of the Divine, serve as the canvas to this tale of a knight wrestling with his spirit.