Kelly's Gemstone Prayer Chaplet

$ 32.00

Gemstone prayer chaplets: Kelly has made a set of the small prayer bead chaplets with an assortment of gemstone components. There are six to choose from: lapis lazuli, rose quartz, tiger's eye, malachite, white howlite (this is the one that looks like white marble), and amethyst. The 8mm gemstone beads are a lovely quality, and the crosses are also made out of matching cut stone! At the other end of the chaplet is a small silver tone pendant with part of Matthew 28:20 ("I am with you always") and a cross. As part of Jesus' institution of Holy Baptism after His resurrection, it reminds us of the privilege that we have been given as God's children to come into His presence in prayer, through Jesus. This is a good bead set for those just starting with prayer beads, or who want something smaller to carry with them.

Note: This item ships from Canada, allow up to 3 weeks to clear customs.