The Family Bible Commentary by Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz

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Ad Crucem is committed to publishing the Family Bible Commentary authored by Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz.

Ad Crucem is privileged to work with Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz to publish the Family Bible Commentary. Too many commentaries are dry academic tomes or overly produced volumes that are not family-friendly. The Family Bible Commentary will be accessible to the whole family and parish thanks to a lively and engaging style using straightforward language. It will not be an exhaustive verse-by-verse commentary but rather what the Reformers called “the argument of the text.”  

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this project with their upfront purchase of the complete set. Without your assistance and support, this venture would never have been possible. Your author-signed hard cover copy will soon be mailed to you. Your Ad Crucem coupon was emailed in mid November to the email address associated with your purchase. 

The Family Bible Commentary will be invaluable for personal study, family devotions, and general parish education. It will suit personal and corporate Bible study, student catechism, and parochial school and homeschool use. 

Pre-Order Sales of Complete Sets is finished

Pre-order options are no longer available; only Volume IV is available to order now and will be shipped in December. The soft cover Volume IV is ready to ship now. 

Five Volumes

The Family Bible Commentary will be published and released in five volumes over five years.

  1. New Testament: Gospels - Acts (Volume IV - ships December 2023).

  2. New Testament: Romans - Revelation (Volume V - ships December 2024).

  3. Old Testament: Genesis - Deuteronomy (Volume I - ships December 2025).

  4. Old Testament: Joshua - Esther (Volume II - ships December 2026).

  5. Old Testament: Job - Malachi (Volume III - ships December 2027).

Take up and read!”

Pastor Koontz says, “The Scriptures opened up are light for the soul and food for the heart. Nothing suits a Christian better than growth in the knowledge of his God, and how can he grow, whether young or old in years or faith, if the Spirit’s Word does not feed him?

Open up your Bible, and use these reference book commentaries as a guide to show the sure and straight way to the mercies and glories of God in Christ Jesus. You may read a chapter or two of Scripture and then use the books to shed more light, to connect what went before and what is still to come, to focus the whole Word of God on the death and resurrection of the Lord.

The commentary will help you, but like a good guide, it will step out of your way to see the wonders the Scriptures have for you. With the help of this book, devour the Scriptures as Ezekiel ate the scroll of God and found it like honey, sweeter than anything to his taste. Take up and read!”


  • Size: 6 x 9 inches.

  • Cover: color hardcover.

  • Interior pages: standard paper, black and white.

Order of publication

You may ask why the volumes are being published “out of order.” This is simply a function of the economics of publishing a multi-volume set. We must sell around 1,800 copies of Gospels - Acts in 2023 dollars to break even using current projections for total sales across all volumes.

Individual chapters, e.g., Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, will eventually be available to purchase individually as Kindle and paperback versions.

Commentary Structure

Each volume will have the same structure:

  1. Author

  2. Composition

  3. Purpose

  4. Outline

  5. Connections to OT & NT

  6. Commentary (generally 2-3 paragraphs per chapter of the Bible).

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz is a Pastor and Evangelist at Trinity Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado. He previously taught at Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS) in Fort Wayne, IN, from 2019 through the 2022 academic year. He graduated from CTS in 2014 with an M.Div. and was called to pastor Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He also planted Concordia Lutheran Church in Myerstown, PA.

In January 2020, Pr. Koontz successfully defended his dissertation on the imitation of Paul in the Greco-Roman world and was awarded a Ph.D. in Religion from Temple University in May 2020.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania on the Appalachian Trail, he met and married his wife, Jennifer, while an honors major in comparative literature at Swarthmore College. He and Jen have eight children, Christian, Lydia, Isaac, Julia, Paul, Maria, Thomas, and Anna.

Other Books by the Author

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Terms and Conditions

  1. If unforeseen circumstances cause any volume of the set not to be published, pre-orders will be refunded pro-rata, less a five (5%) percent transaction fee. Refunds may take up to 90 days to process.

  2. The Ad Crucem coupon will be included with the first book shipped. The coupon is valid for single use, and applies only to Ad Crucem brand products, ie. not products made and sold by other artists on our platform.

  3. If publication costs rise unexpectedly, the publisher reserves the right to switch to a softcover version and defer or cancel the hardcover versions.

  4. If the author is incapacitated and unable to complete one or more of the volumes on time, the publisher has the right to defer delivery to a date suitable to the author’s circumstances.

  5. If pre-orders exceed expectations, the publisher may reduce prices and offer partial refunds or store credits to pre-order customers.