Baptism Shell Stained Glass Window

$ 325.00

The Baptismal Symbol is represented in stained glass art in this colorful window panel, featuring a variety of glass textures in forming the different features. The dominant attraction of the panel is the shell, a medium amber granite glass to form the web-like characteristic of the shell. Another religious symbol, the Trinity tear drops, were crafted with blue opal glass. The symbols are set in a diamond shape series of borders. A light amber glass provides the background for the three tear drops in this panel. Pale purple/clear/white baroque glass, clear seedy glass, purple water glass, and green waterglass created a colorful geometric backdrop. Sunlight transforms this colorful window panel to an amazing spectacle.

There is a special custom metal frame for this panel. The frame provides a strong and artistic support for hanging the window panel. It comes to you ready for hanging.

Dimensions: 22 inches wide by 18 inches high

NOTE: Glass color and surface may vary from those described in the narrative. This is due to the availability of glass at the time of crafting. It is our commitment to match what is shown and described as close as possible.
As shown in the pictures, this is a beautiful and meaningful stained glass art piece. It creates an environment of sacred reflections.

Note: this item is made upon ordering, please allow up to 2 - 4 weeks for delivery, depending upon other orders in the queue.