Kelly's Baptism Pearl Drop Ornament

$ 28.00

Note: This item ships from Canada, allow 2 - 3 weeks to clear customs 

This ornament has a round, silver-tone filigree setting with a full-color picture cameo of a sweet Baptism scene. There is a baby in white gown amid flowers, a hand pouring water from a shell, the Holy Spirit descending, and angels watching. From the filigree setting, a carved, white mother-of-pearl shell hangs, and hanging from that is a drop-shaped freshwater pearl (simulating the shell pouring water). This "pendant" part of the ornament is 2.75" in length, and the small chain hanger extends it an extra 2" when held at the top. I can replace the chain hanger with a 25" silver-tone necklace with lobster clasp for an extra $12.