Agnus Dei - Madonna and Child - Signed Giclee Print

$ 60.00

“And a sword will pierce your own soul as well!”

Product Information

Paper size – 8.5 by 11 inches
Image Size – 5 by 6 inches
Hand Signed Giclee 


Art Description

This Madonna and Child is a representation of the Incarnation. Christ Jesus is true man, born of the Virgin Mary to redeem mankind from sin. The Christ child was often depicted nude to counteract the gnostic teachings that denied the coming of the Savior into flesh. Upon His circumcision, Simeon prophesied to Mary that a sword would pierce her heart; she would experience suffering as her son would. 

Jesus is sitting in Mary’s lap; His pose imitates her posture. There is something strange in this painting however. Is she pulling her veil to reveal her son in her lap, or to reveal His fate in the background? The answer is both. The young Jesus points toward the upper right hand corner of the painting, with a sense of knowing in His eyes. Christ Jesus was born to die, as a man for the salvation of us all. Mary clings to the cross, piercing her own soul as well.