Agnus Dei - The Bride of Christ at the Foot of the Cross - Signed Giclee Print

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The Bride of Christ at the Foot of the Cross

Product Information

Paper size – 13 by 19 inches
Image Size – 6.5 by 15.5 inches
 Hand Signed Giclee 
Includes Poem

Art Description

Kelly Schumacher: I always found the image of Mary Magdalene clinging to the foot of the cross compelling. In this version, the image of Mary has been replaced with the Bride of Christ. She weeps at the foot of the cross, with sorrow for her sin, but with joy for her Savior who bore them. The hymn, “The Church’s One Foundation” LSB 289 is a great source of inspiration for the creation of this piece.

In this painting, we see the beautiful love story that exists between God and the Church. Her sin has separated her from the Lord, but He pursues her. Jesus Christ woos His bride with His word and pays for her debt with His life. From His side comes blood and water.   The water transforms into the bride’s veil and gown while the blood is collected into a communion cup. Jesus is paying the bride’s price to redeem us from sin and death. In the Garden of Eden, Eve is formed out of Adam’s rib. In the same way we are the Bride formed from Christ’s side. Christ and His Church gaze at one another, face to face.