Ad Crucem - Pelican in Her Piety Ornament

$ 16.00

In Medieval bestiaries, the Pelican was often pictured piercing her own breast to feed her chicks with her own blood. The ancients believed that, in times of scarcity, a pelican would feed its own flesh to its young, in order to sustain them. 

The church adopted this imagery (referencing Psalm 102:6) and applied it to Christ, who nurtures and protects His people with His own Body and Blood. The Pelican in Her Piety is a common motif of the church. 

This ornament is from a traditional image designed in house by Ad Crucem to look like stained glass, it is printed on both sides. The image may also be purchased as a poster. 

Ornament details:
Diameter - 3" wide
Material - Printed white acrylic


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