Ad Crucem - Pelican in Her Piety Fine Art Print

$ 30.00

Ancient tradition held that female Pelicans, in times of scarcity, would pierce their own breasts to feed their chicks with their own blood. This became a common motif in churches, as they adopted the image and applied it to Jesus' crucifixion. Christ was pierced for our transgressions and feeds us with His Body and Blood in the Sacrament. 

This image is Ad Crucem's design which has drawn on a number of various ancient mosaics for inspiration. 

This image is also available as a Christmas ornament, see it here.

Print details:
  • Material: Printed on premium matte paper or upgrade to premium canvas.
  • Sizes:
    • Small (8" x 12")or
    • Large (16" x 24").
  • Custom sizes are available. Contact Ad Crucem with your project needs.

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