Ad Crucem Icon - Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth Rectangular

$ 54.00

The Angel Gabriel announced the Good News to Mary that she would give birth to the Christ. He also told her that her cousin Elizabeth was carrying St. John. So Mary arose with haste to visit Elizabeth in a town in Judah. This icon is a celebration of this event, with the start of the Magnificat in a scroll over their heads. See Luke 1:39-56

Icon Details: 

Size available 8" x 10"
Two styles available - Mary and Elizabeth, and Mary, Elizabeth with the Christ Child and St. John. 

Ad Crucem icons are unique because we print them directly onto our wooden plaques. Our competitors' icons are printed on paper and stuck onto wood. The finish of an Ad Crucem icon is far superior, and not prone to fraying. Some areas may be hand painted to enhance the look and texture of the icon.