Ad Crucem 4.25" Sterling Silver Pectoral Crucifix

$ 685.00

An Ad Crucem original Sterling Silver Pectoral Crucifix available in sterling silver or gold. This Crucifix shows remarkable detail on the corpus. The contrast between the highly polished cross and the matte Corpus is truly beautiful. 

The position of the bale at the back of the crucifix prevents it from flipping backwards whilst being worn. 

We offer two different levels of finish for these crucifixes. The machine finished crucifixes are not quite as well finished as the artisan crafted ones. They are still beautiful crucifixes, and very good value for money but the Corpus is not as matte as the artisan crucifixes. The artisan crafted crucifixes are of superior quality. Quantities are limited.

You can see the difference between the two finishes by looking at the photos on the wooden table - the matte one is the artisan finish, the shinier one is the machine finish.

The crucifix does not come with a chain.

SIZE 4.25" x 2.67"

Please call us should you require a quote for the ex-large14k gold Crucifix.

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