Ad Crucem Easter Sampler

$ 56.00

Ad Crucem's Easter cards seek to put the focus back on the true meaning of Easter: Jesus our Lord was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification (Rom 4:24-25).  The Easter Sampler is a set of 20 cards. We offer four different types of Cards: three Easter Cards and one Blank Luther Rose Card and in total, those cards reference 21 different and pertinent scriptures.  

* Four Christ is Risen Indeed Cards
* Four Easter Triptych Cards
* Four Justified By Faith Cards
* Four Pelican in her Piety cards
* Four Resurrection Cards

This year re-kindle the tradition of giving Easter Cards that are meaningful and proclaim the Gospel.

Purchase our sampler and receive 4 of each of the above cards with either a bookmark, gift tag or a sticker, depending on the card


  • Original design exclusive to Ad Crucem.
  • Cross-focused, Christ-centered scriptures that confess the one true faith.
  • 5"x7" card printed on premium paper stock milled in upstate New York.
  • Printed in Denver, Colorado at a G7 & Green Certified facility.
  • Each card is protected with a plastic sleeve and includes:
    • bookmark,
    • gift tag, and
    • envelope.
  • Conceived, designed, sourced and printed in the USA.