#21 Ad Crucem Christmon - Maltese Cross

$ 9.00

White Acrylic Christmon
Size: 3.5"


The Maltese cross is associated with the island of Malta. The cross is a white, eight-pointed cross having the form of four "V"-shaped elements, each joining the others at its vertex, leaving the other two tips spread outward symmetrically. This is placed on a red background or worn on a black mantle. 

The Order of St. John adopted the Maltese cross in 1567, the points meaning the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights:

  • to live in truth
  • to have faith
  • to repent one's sins
  • to give proof of humility
  • to love justice
  • to be merciful
  • to be sincere and wholehearted
  • to endure persecution