Ad Crucem - Agnus Dei and the Four Evangelists Color Ornaments Set

$ 56.00

A celebration of St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John, represented by their traditional symbols, together with the Agnus Dei, representing the Christ: 

St. Matthew is symbolized by a winged man, or angel. Matthew's gospel starts with St. Joseph's genealogy from Abraham. It represents Christ's human nature.
St. Mark is symbolized by a winged lion– a figure of courage and monarchy. The lion also represents Jesus' resurrection (because lions were believed to sleep with open eyes, a comparison with Christ in the tomb), and Christ as King. This signifies that Christians should be courageous on the path of salvation.

St. Luke is symbolized by a winged bull – a figure of sacrifice, service and strength. Luke's account begins with Zacharius in the temple; it represents Jesus' sacrifice in His Passion and Crucifixion, as well as Christ being High Priest. The ox signifies that Christians should be prepared to sacrifice themselves in following Christ.

St. John, is symbolized by an eagle – a figure of the sky, and believed by Christian scholars to be able to look straight into the sun. John starts with an eternal overview of Jesus as the Word and goes on to describe many things with a "higher" christology than the synoptic gospels it represents Jesus' Ascension, and Christ's divinity. This symbolizes that Christians should look to eternity. 

Material: Five White Acrylic, color printed ornaments

Dimensions 2.8" x 2.8"