Ad Crucem Jesse Tree Collection 24 Ornaments

$ 125.00

The Advent Jesse Tree is a traditional way to teach one's children about how all scripture points to Christ. Each day, from the 1st to the 24th of December, a different scripture is focused on, moving from creation to the Patriarchs, through the Old Testament, to the New Testament, and then focusing on the different descriptions of Christ.  

Dimensions: 2.8" square
Material: White Acrylic or Solid Cherry Wood
Quantity: 24 Ornaments

Here are the details of each day's ornament and scripture reading:
December 1  Creation
Genesis 1:1-31; 2:1-4  Symbols: sun, moon, stars, earth
December 2  Adam and Eve
Genesis. 2:7-9, 18-24  Symbols: tree, man, woman
December 3  Fall of Man
Genesis 3:1-7 and 23-24  Symbols: tree, serpent
December 4  Noah
Genesis. 6:5-8, 13-22; 7:17, 23, 24; 8:1, 6-22  Symbols: ark, rainbow
December 5  Abraham
Genesis. 12:1-14  Symbol: torch
December 6  Isaac
Genesis 22:1-14  Symbols: altar, ram in the bush
December 7  Jacob
Genesis. 25:1-34; 28:10-15  Symbols: ladder
December 8  Joseph
Genesis. 37:23-28; 45:3-15  Symbols: Coat of many colors, Sun, Moon, stars
December 9  Moses
Exodus 2:1-10  Symbols: baby in basket
December 10: Moses
Ark of the Covenant, Exodus 25:10
December 11  Samuel
1 Samuel 3:1-18  Symbols: lamp
December 12  David
1 Samuel 17:12-51  Symbols: slingshot, 6-pointed star, lyre, staff
December 13  Solomon
1 Kings 3:5-14, 16-28  Symbols: scales of justice,
December 14  Joseph
Matthew 1:18-25  Symbols: hammer, nails
December 15  Mary
Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38  Symbols: a crown of stars, pierced heart
December 16  John the Baptist
Mark 1:1-8  Symbols: shell with water, river
From December 17 - December 23, the Church prepares for the coming of Christ with the O Antiphons.
December 17  O Wisdom
Symbols: Bible
December 18  O Adonai (Lord)
Exodus 3:2; 20:1  Symbols: burning bush
December 19  O Root of Jesse
Isaiah 11:1-3  Symbols: Stump and shoot of Jesse
December 20  O Key of David
Isaiah 22:22  Symbols: key, broken chains
December 21  O Dayspring
Psalm 19:6-7 Symbols: sun rising or high in the sky
December 22  O King of the Gentiles
Psalm 2:7-8; Ephesians 2:14-20  Symbols: a crown, scepter
December 23  O Emmanuel
Isaiah 7:14; 33:22  Symbols: tablets of stone, chalice, and host
December 24  Jesus is Light of the World
John 1:1-14  Symbols: menorah candle, flame, sun

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