Prayer and Thanksgiving

Kelly's Via Crucis Red Glass Prayer Beads

$ 64.00

New for Ad Crucem, this is a prayer bead format that is based on the Way of the Cross (or the Via Crucis), a form of Christian meditation on the sufferings of Christ on Good Friday. It is recognized and practiced in a number of variations by Christians across traditions and all over the world. This set has 33 red glass beads that symbolize the years of Christ's life up to His crucifixion, and His shed blood. The beads are arranged in groups of 10, for contemplation of the following sequence of biblical events. 1- Jesus is condemned to death. 2- Jesus takes up His cross 3- Jesus journeys to Calvary. 4- Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross. 5- Jesus meets women of Jerusalem. 6- Jesus is stripped of clothes. 7- Jesus is crucified. 8- Jesus dies on the cross. 9- Jesus' body is taken down from the cross. 10- Jesus is laid in the tomb. There are color picture medallions of these events throughout the bead set, with the face of Christ on the reverse sides. Any meditative prayers can be said on sections of three red beads, such as the Jesus Prayer or prayers of confession, praise, and petition corresponding to the Good Friday events. The prayer beads are long, measuring 18 1/4" and forming a loop 26" in circumference. A beautiful wood and metal crucifix pendant includes depictions of the four evangelists.