The Creation, The Fall and The Promise - Josh Radke

$ 22.00

Published by Grail Quest Books
Author Joshua J Radke 
Illustrator Kelly Irene Schumacher
Moses' account of the Creation of the cosmos by God, the Fall of mankind into sin, and the LORD's promise to redeem his creation through His Son is not simply a set of facts. It is also a story -- one with profound depth and richness bearing witness to the Divine Mysteries. In this book, the Authour and Artist hope to reveal to families the connections between Genesis 1-3 and the life and ministry of Christ, His Passion and Resurrection, the Sacraments, and Jesus' ultimate promise of His return on the Last Day when all of Creation will be made new, for ever.
50 pages with color illustrations - appropriate for all ages as children can begin by looking at the pictures and then reading more and more as they grow.  Great for family devotions.