The Accidental Lutheran - Dr. Nancy Almodovar

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The Accidental Lutheran
The Journey from Heidelberg to Wittenberg

After years in the Reformed church, Nancy began to hunger for something more. Then, snowmageddon hit in Idaho and Nancy and her husband Bobby were looking for a church they could attend closer to home. God providentially directed them to Faith Lutheran, where they soon found that their beliefs regarding the Lord's Supper aligned more closely, and they were soon to find out that baptism really does save. This is their journey out of the Dutch Reformed understanding and into Lutheran theology.

About the author

Nancy A. Almodovar grew up in a Pentecostal home and eventually became a Reformed Christian. She has been a speaker and author for over a decade and converted to Lutheranism as a truer expression of the Scriptures. During this time, Nancy earned a doctorate in philosophy and apologetics (Trinity), a masters of theology (Trinity) and a masters of Christian studies (Luther Rice Seminary), and is currently working on a Fellow at the International Academy of Apologetics and Human Rights (Strasbourg). She is also a Fellow at the university where she teaches as a professor of world religions. She is the author of over twenty books, one on the problem of evil, Faith Seeking Consolation, and one on her journey out of charismatic theology, A Modern 95: Questions for Today's Evangelicals and Accidental Lutheran, her story of converting to Lutheranism.