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Kelly's Lutheran Prayer Beads - Ocean

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-"Ocean" prayer beads: This is a full set of prayer beads of a style known as "Protestant prayer beads" or "Anglican prayer beads" (they originated in the Anglican communion and are now used by many different liturgically-structured Protestants, including Lutherans). I made this set using faux pearls, sparkling blue faceted crystal spacer beads, and a large glass-domed color picture center of Jesus crowned with thorns. The cross is a beautiful mosaic of colorful abalone shell pieces, with a pure white mother-of-pearl back. The total visual effect reminded me of the ocean. You are free to use prayer beads to say any prayers or Scripture texts you'd like, but one common form of prayer for these beads can be found at this Wikipedia page:   This set of beads is one of a kind. 

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