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Kelly's Luther Rose Shield Tie Clip:

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I found this item in my searches for vintage Lutheran gear, and loved it. It is the only one of its kind I've seen. It's a vintage tie clip that includes a chain from which a silver shield hangs with a tiny enameled Luther rose! It is worn so that the clip is hidden behind, and the tie is pulled through the chain which hangs down on top of the tie. The clip is 2.5" across; the little shield is 5/8" long and is blank on the back; and the whole piece hangs at a length of 3 1/4". Since no information is given on the metal composition of the piece, I am assuming it is a silver tone alloy. Other than a light polish, I am offering it in exactly the condition in which I first received it. (Please consult photos; vintage items invariably have some wear. I leave the choice to you how much you want to alter the patina of your purchase.) 

Note: This item ships from Canada, please allow 2 - 3 weeks to clear customs.