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Kellys Good Friday Prayer Beads Chaplet

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"Good Friday" prayer bead chaplet: This smaller set of prayer beads includes a large black wooden crucifix, six black oval beads embossed with gold crucifixes, and a color picture of Jesus carrying His cross in a glass-domed pendant. I call this set "Good Friday" because of the many crosses and the dark coloring. The large seventh bead is a round, black "crackle" bead that looks like dark ice, and is surmounted by silver tone bead caps. Although it is smaller than the style of prayer beads that make a full loop, it is nonetheless quite long and large (10"). The photo of the bead chaplet in my hand gives the best indication of the size and proportions of the piece. One of a kind. 

There is no one set way for Lutherans to use prayer beads of any kind. For the prayer beads Kelly makes, she likes to set beads in groups of six so that the user of the beads can recite and meditate on the six chief parts of the Small Catechism. The beads in between, and the cross, can be used for "Glory be to the Father" prayers, the "Jesus Prayer" ("Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner"), or any opening and closing prayer of choice. Alternately, prayer beads can be used to remember to pray for a set number of people, or to memorize and meditate on a certain number of Bible verses or Psalms. The routine is up to the user.

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