Victorious Paschal Victim Scented Candle

$ 13.00

“Christians, to the paschal victim offer your thankful praises -a lamb the sheep redeeming, Christ, who only is sinless, reconciling sinners to the Father. Death and life have contended in that combat stupendous; the prince of life, who died, reigns immortal.” These words from the hymn “Christians, to the Paschal Victim” summarizes the ever-present joy and gladness we as Christians know when we travel to the tomb in faith and hear the words on Easter morning, “He is not here! He is arisen just like He said!” This celebratory candle carries with it a large bouquet of Easter lilies mixed with a floral blend! Yet, there is a final note of Amber the sap from fossilized wood reminding us that the sacrifice once for sins is now over. Alleluia!
* Handmade item
* Primary color: Gold
* Holiday: Easter
* Occasion: Baptism
* Ships worldwide from United States