Gift Suggestions for Pastors

Ad Crucem VDMA and Luther Rose Plaque

$ 100.00

Unique carved plaque with two important symbols of the Reformation: VDMA and the Luther Rose.

6" W x 12” L x 3/4" D.

Keyhole hangers at the back for a flush wall mounting.

Cherry Wood or Alder

Hand rubbed with the highest quality tung oil for a durable finish that will last many years unless exposed to unusual heat and moisture.

VDMA - Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum (The Word of the Lord Endures Forever - 1 Peter 1:24–25). It first appeared in the court of Frederick the Wise in 1522. He had it sewn onto the right sleeve of the court’s official clothing, which was worn by prince and servant alike. It was used by Frederick’s successors, his brother John the Steadfast, and his nephew John Frederick the Magnanimous. It became the official motto of the Smalcaldic League and was used on flags, banners, swords, and uniforms as a symbol of the unity of the Lutheran laity who struggled to defend their beliefs, communities, families, and lives against those who were intent on destroying them. It was found inscribed inside churches, over doorways, on foundation stones, even on horse’s helmets! The VDMA logo and statement has appeared throughout Lutheran churches worldwide and remains an enduring motto of the Reformation to this day. 

The Luther Rose is derived from a plaster cast from the Katarina Portal, the stone doorway posts at the main entrance to Luther’s home in Wittenberg. Vivit means, “He is Alive!” to celebrate Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil in order to justify us.

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