Martin Luther Sterling Silver Katarina Wedding Ring

$ 400.00

Ad Crucem has often been asked to produce a replica of the famous Katie Luther wedding ring for our customers, and we have now been in a position to do so! St Thomas has worked long and hard to create this ring for us, and it has come out beautifully.  When purchasing, please message us with the size required. 

Sterling silver, Rhodium plated.

Should you need this ring in gold, please reach out to us and we will get a quote on making it in the size you require. 

Mr. H Noel Humphreys, an eminent authority on these subjects states (International Observer, February 1862) wrote about the ring:

"The betrothment ring of Luther, which belonged to a family at Leipsic as late as 1817, and is doubtless still preserved with the greatest care as a national relic of great interest, is composed of an intricate device of gold work set with a ruby, the emblem of exalted love. The gold devices represent all the symbols of the Passion of Christ. In the center is the crucified Savior, and on one side the spear, with which His side was pierced, and the rod of reeds of the flagellation. On the other side is a leaf of hyssop. Beneath are the dice with which the soldiers cast lots for the garment without seam, and below are the three nails. At the back may be distinguished the inside of the ladder and other symbols connected with the last act of the atonement. The whole so grouped as to make a large cross, surmounted by the ruby, the most salient feature of the device. On the inside of their rings were the names of the betrothed pair, and the date of the wedding day in Germany, 13 June 1525. 

"There can be but little doubt that these curious and interesting rings were designed by the celebrated painter and goldsmith, Lucas Cranach, and possibly wrought with his own hand on the marriage of his friend Luther, being a special occasion which doubtless he wished to honor with every attention. Lucas was indeed one of the three select friends whom Luther took to witness his betrothal, the others being Dr. Bugenhagen, town preacher of Wittenberg, and the lawyer Assel, who accompanied him to Reichenbach's house, where Catherine resided."

This ring is made upon ordering, and will take 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

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