Gift Suggestions for Confirmation

Ad Crucem Confirmation Remembrance Gift Set

$ 60.00

Ad Crucem gift set includes:
- Ad Crucem Confirmation greeting card
- Luther Rose Ornament
- Confirmation Box 
Confirmation Box 

A unique customized gift for your confirmand that confesses the faith they have been instructed in. The outside of the box has an elaborate Luther Rose surrounded by the three Solas. Add your confirmand's name, date of confirmation, church and officiating pastor. The confirmand's chosen scripture verse is also included (where we have shown Zechariah 13:1 - On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity. NIV)

The inside of the box shows Christ crucified with the Sacraments, His Body and Blood, given for us for the forgiveness of our sins. At the foot of crucifix is the scripture for Romans 3:28 (For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law.). The sides show Christ's words of institution paired with the relevant sacrament. At His Head are the Agnes Dei, Slain and Victorious, and the Crown of Thorns.

Box Dimensions: 4"x3"x1"

Luther Rose Ornament 
A beautiful Luther Rose ornament. They are 2.25" in diameter. The English solas (Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Scripture Alone) are on one side, and the Latin Solas (Sola Fide, Sola Gracia, Sola Scriptura) are on the other.

Note: the box is an intricate item which is difficult and time consuming to create and prepare. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery when ordering. Please provide all the details in the note at checkout.

Greeting Card - Confirmation Knowledge of the Lord
Should you wish to choose a different greeting card, please let us know in the notes.

Red rose not include.