Ad Crucem VDMA Solid Wood Engraved Plaque

$ 150.00

This custom carving of the "battle cry of the Reformation" makes a beautiful gift for church and home. VDMA is the abbreviation for the Latin phrase "Verbum Domini Manet In Aeternum" - The Word of the Lord Endures Forever (Isaiah 40:8 and 1 Pet. 1:25). 

The engraving is beautifully finished with color highlights offsetting the natural wood grain. The carving is sealed to provide long-life protection, but it cannot be placed outdoors without protection from sun and rain. Indoor placement should avoid persistent direct sunlight to avoid fading and UV damage.
* Allow two-to-three weeks for manufacture and delivery. No products in inventory; each is uniquely made from scratch at our workshop in Colorado.

* Shipped in a sturdy box.

* Solid wood: 
    Either Alder or Cherry wood, depending on availability

Solid wood options can be stained or treated with special oils if you prefer an unpainted, more natural version.

Please note that the solid wood plaques are built with 3 to 4 pieces of wood since single slabs of these sizes are not available commercially.

Colors may vary slightly from what is shown.

Please call us to confirm customized options.

These items are made upon ordering, we are currently experiencing a backlog. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.