Ad Crucem 3D Pelican in Her Piety Carved Plaque

$ 350.00

This unique custom 3D carving of the Pelican in Her Piety is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for every church and home! 

In medieval bestiaries, the Pelican was often pictured piercing her own breast to feed her chicks her own blood. The ancients believed that, in times of scarcity, a pelican would feed its own flesh to its young, in order to sustain them. The church adopted this imagery (referencing Psalm 102:6) and applied it to Christ, who nurtures and protects His people with His own Body and Blood.

Sizes available
Large, 18 inches (3/4 inch thick)
Medium, 12 inches (3/4 inch thick)
Small, 9 inches (3/4 inch thick)

Finishing options

CNC MILLED - American black cherry wood with a protective oil finish. The design is milled with a CNC machine.

Colors and wood grains may vary from what is shown. Each piece of wood has entirely unique grains and marks.

Durability & shipping
  • The carving is sealed on all sides to provide long-life protection, but it cannot be placed outdoors without protection from the elements. Indoor placement should avoid persistent direct sunlight to avoid fading and UV damage. Avoid high moisture environments.
  • Allow two to three weeks for manufacture and delivery. No products in inventory; each is uniquely made from scratch in our Colorado workshop. If you need expedited service, please call Ad Crucem - expediting can usually be managed in one week.
  • Shipped in a sturdy box.

These items are made upon order. Please allow two to three weeks for manufacturing and delivery.