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Ad Crucem 3D Chi Rho

$ 450.00

This unique custom 3D carving of a Chi Rho replicated from an ancient bass relief stone carving of one of the most recognizable of the Christological monograms. The original is housed in the Vatican Museum in Rome.

The Christological monogram consists of the combination of the first two letters of the Greek name of Christ (X and P, chi-rho). The monogram spread among Christian faithful as a sign of recognition as well as a wish for the deceased, referring to Christ and to His Resurrection (forming the shape of a “cross” of the letter chi, adorned with gems). Also the letters alpha and omega, the first and the last of the Greek alphabet, are have specific reference to Christ as the beginning and end of all things - the divine Word at the moment of Creation and universal Judge on the final day.

Sizes available

  1. 9inches (3/4 inch thick)
  2. 12 inches (3/4 inch thick)

Adding a custom inscription on the reverse of the plaque makes it a beautiful and memorable gift.

A proof will be sent to you for approval before carving commences.

Finishing options

CNC MILLED - American black cherry wood with a protective oil finish on the surface. The design is milled with a CNC machine.
 - Edges: round over.
 - Hanger: keyhole

Colors and wood grains may vary from what is shown. Each piece of wood has entirely unique grains and marks.

Custom inscription

If you would like a custom inscription included on the plaque's reverse, please let us know in the notes section at checkout. For example, Name, Date, Occasion / Commemoration Message (max 20 words).

Please call us if you would like to include a custom logo or design with the inscription. A $25 customization charge is required to add a logo, symbol, or other design.

Durability & shipping

  • The carving is sealed on all sides to provide long-life protection, but it cannot be placed outdoors without protection from the elements. Indoor placement should avoid persistent direct sunlight to avoid fading and UV damage. Avoid high moisture environments.
  • Allow two to three weeks for manufacture and delivery. No products in inventory; each is uniquely made from scratch in our Colorado workshop. If you need expedited service, please call Ad Crucem - expediting can usually be managed in one week.
  • Shipped in a sturdy box.

These items are made upon order. Please allow two to three weeks for manufacturing and delivery.