Ad Crucem Church Banners

Ad Crucem Church Banner Set - Festivals, Feasts, Confirmation - Sacraments

$ 290.00

This Ad Crucem Church set of banners is suitable for any festival and feast day or Confirmation Sunday. They are also appropriate to beautifying your sanctuary for the entire church year. There are two banners with a cruciform pattern overlaid by the symbols of the Sacraments - Baptism, Holy Communion, and the Word of God. The center of the left banner boasts the Agnus Dei Sacrificial, and the right-hand banner displays the Agnus Dei Victorious. The sacrificial Lamb of God looks to history and acknowledges the fulfillment of all prophecies about the Messiah. The victorious Lamb of God looks to the future when Christ will return for the final judgment and restoration of His creation as He intended it. These banners can be customized to any size. Just ask!

3 feet x 6 feet
3.25 feet x 9 feet
3.25 feet x 12 feet

Units: 1 x "Left" banner and 1 x "Right" banner. 


Heavyweight poplin fabric that is very durable and fully hemmed with two pole pockets at the top and bottom. It retains its vibrant color and shape whilst also being abrasion, chlorine, and pilling resistant over many years, especially if handled with care. This fabric may be hand-washed and steamed.

Hanging Hardware:

  1. Using a 1 1/8 dowel for the pole pockets at the top and bottom is recommended.
    1. Dowels are easily available from any of the home improvement stores and Ace Hardware. Select dowels that are straight!
    2. Sanding with 320-grit sandpaper will prevent any snagging when you slide the dowels into the pole pockets.
  2. Cut the dowels to the width of the selected banner.
  3. Insert self-tapping stainless steel eye screws at each end - 3/32" x 7/8" should be adequate.
  4. Hang the banners with 2.5 mm paracord in a color that most closely matches the hanging wall.
    1. After cutting the paracord to size, burn the ends with a lighter for a short time to prevent fraying.
    2. Knot the paracord to the eyelets and adjust the length until both banners hang at the same height.
Shipping Details:
Allow approximately seven days for manufacture and delivery from our partners in Texas and California.