Dear Friends of Ad Crucem

This has been such an exciting year for us!  We launched Ad Crucem on Easter Friday - the dream of which has been so close to my heart for 14 years. 

In December 2000, our very first Christmas in the USA, we were feeling homesick for our extended family back in South Africa. My husband, Tim, decided that we should travel down to Washington to see our adopted nation’s capitol and then return via the Chesapeake Bay bridge.

We had never heard about Williamsburg. On the map, it just looked like a logical stopping point on our journey before we took the bridge on the way back home to New Jersey. Imagine our amazement as suddenly, without much warning, we went back in time to the Revolutionary War. It was a mind-blowing experience.  I remember so clearly being frightfully excited at entering the Christmas store there. Here was a store dedicated to Christmas goodies (something unknown in SA) - they were bound to have Christ-focused items for our tree. After scouring the store, my heart was broken - how could there be so many trinkets, but none with any religious significance? I vowed to Tim that day, if nobody had rectified this situation by the time we were in a position to, we would ensure, one day, that Christians could buy decent, Christ-focused Christmas products.

And so, 14 years on, the year of our 20th wedding anniversary, we decided to form Ad Crucem.  The scripture verse emblazoned on Ad Crucem's products is Romans 4:24-25 - Jesus our Lord was delivered for our trespasses and raised for our justification. We are firmly resolved to not waver from this central focus of our business. 

These are but small beginnings, I have many dreams and plans for Ad Crucem. I have so many ideas about products that I want to produce, and items I want tailored to our specific criteria - proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our justification.  

Thank you, dear friends, for having started on this journey with us this year. Your support, patronage and prayers for our success, have been greatly appreciated. I have made so many new, wonderful friends since forming the business - people who value our work and what we are trying to accomplish, and artists with the same vision and dream as ourselves. It has been a faith-fortifying experience, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve my neighbors in this way.  

As you start your Christmas shopping this year, please consider our wonderful products and gifted artists.  

Kelly Klages has done amazing work at creating unique, Christian themed ornaments. We have baptism remembrances for god-children, cute little churches, and a variety of crosses. Kelly has also created gorgeous, unique, Christian themed jewelry, which would make lovely gifts. 

Ad Crucem has created its first set of laser engraved wooden ornaments, which are very affordable and theologically sound.

We also have a wonderful selection of scripturally rich Christmas cards - there are almost 30 scriptures referenced in just 5 cards. You can minister to your family and friends through the scriptures found in our cards. We have also made two stunning pewter ornaments - one depicting the Christ Child with the Cross / Star shining above him, and the other, an ornament celebrating baptism.  We also offer beautiful burlap housewares, which will make great presents and also are wonderful for celebrating Thanksgiving. We have a small pewter nativity set and a number of pewter ornaments too.

Tanya Nevin has recently joined our team and has a hand painted Luther Rose, which would make a stunning Christmas gift. Fred Anchao has provided unique African art made from soapstone, and hand carved.  

If you are looking at blessing your church this year, Jonathan Mayer of Scapegoat Studio has incredible advent banners for churches and Pastor Wolfmueller’s certificates would be a wonderful way to do so. We are also very excited about the newest member of our team, Kelly Schumacher, of Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, who will soon be on the website.

If you appreciate our work, we ask that you will tell others about Ad Crucem, and let your friends and family know about all the exciting items we have to offer.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Wanita Wood



November 06, 2014 by Wanita Wood
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