A Tale of Two Babies

I recently read a heartbreaking story about a nurse in a maternity ward coming across a baby that was the victim of a botched homicide attempt. To make matters worse, the baby was tortured in the process thanks to having a saline solution injected into it with the expectation that it would take hours to die.

In America, we have euphemized this pre-meditated murder and call it “a women’s right to choose”.

The baby survived the initial trauma, but not for long. Fortunately, there was at least one person left with some compassion to take an interest in the baby before his final breath. The nurse said: “I did the only thing I could, I baptized him.”

How ironic and tragic that a trained medical professional could only deliver emergency care of a spiritual nature. Yet, I wonder, was there a granny praying somewhere for her little man, pleading that the Lord grant him life?

The writer went on to contrast this baby with one, but a few feet away, that was also struggling for its life: a wanted baby whom the doctors were striving to save. We can say with certainty that one of these babies lived that night.  Our nurse speaks of doing the only thing she could. The fact of the matter is, what she did for her young neighbor in that instant was administer the only salve he would ever need. It is the only life saving treatment either of those babies would ever need. Without that salve, the surviving baby might go on to live a long and satisfied life, only to die in its trespasses and sins, never having been granted eternal life. 

In those Words and that Application, she baptized him and God washed him clean of his Adamic sin. That little baby was granted eternal life in the Savior. There is no other name in Heaven or on earth by which one may be saved.

October 21, 2014 by Wanita Wood
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